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Mooring line accident kills deck officer

15 August 2014

Russian chief officer Andrey Pakholchuk died after being knocked down by a mooring line that snapped while his ship was docked at the Port of Beaumont, Texas.

Pakholchuk, 44, had been working onboard the Enterprises Shipping & Trading-owned bulker Mystic Striker, which was moored at ExxonMobil's Refinery terminal, when the accident occurred on 12 August, according to local officials.

Pakholchuk was treated by ExxonMobil's emergency response team and Beaumont emergency medical services.

He was pronounced dead shortly after. It is unknown whether Pakholchuk's death was the result of getting struck by the mooring line or from the 3.7-4.6m (12-15ft) fall to the deck of the ship, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rod Carroll told IHS Maritime.

"Death was likely caused by traumatic injury, we're still awaiting the official autopsy results," Carroll said. Officials from Athens-based Enterprises Shipping & Trading were not available to comment.

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